Celebrating the Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Fun!

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon Saying goodbye to Christmas and New Year means saying hello to another exciting celebration – Chinese New Year (CNY)! It’s a time when we focus on family gatherings, tossing prosperity salads (lohei), and planning how to be the champ at the next friendly mahjong or poker game. In the upcoming BTLuxe magazine, we’re jumping into the Year of the Dragon with lots of stories about heritage and a little mention of Valentine’s Day, which happens around the same time as CNY.

Desmond Tan: A Cool Actor with a Big Heart

Our main story is all about Desmond Tan – a super cool actor from Singapore who’s now the most popular guy in town! He’s from a place called Redhill and is proud to be a ‘heartlander.’ In the magazine, he talks about his happy memories of past Chinese New Years, how he became a famous actor, and the cool adventure of becoming a dad. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the life of a local superstar who still loves the traditions that shaped him.

Kara Arissa Tan: Leading the Way into the Future

Meet Kara Arissa Tan – a CEO who is in charge of her family’s traditional bird’s nest company. She talks about the challenges, the fun parts, and why it’s important to mix old traditions with new ideas. It’s a story about saving special things from the past while being super busy in the world of business.

Kevin Poon: Juggling Fun and Tradition in Hong Kong

Kevin Poon from Hong Kong is also in our magazine. He’s a lifestyle entrepreneur, which means he does cool and creative stuff. Kevin tells us about his fun projects and why he still loves the old traditions and values of Chinese New Year. You’ll get a peek into the life of a modern business person who really likes his cultural roots.

Bhutan and South Korea: Adventures Beyond Borders

Let’s take a little trip to Bhutan, a country with lots of history and cool traditions. We’ll also explore South Korea, where they still love their tasty traditional foods even in the modern world. It’s like going on a big adventure to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Cool Homes and Fancy Clothes: Making Things Look Awesome

In the magazine, you’ll see how a modern Chinese family makes their new home look super cool by mixing old and new styles. And of course, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without making everything a bit fancy! Get ideas to make your space look modern and Chinese at the same time. Check out the latest trends in fashion too, so you can look stylish when celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Valentine’s Day Watches: Perfect Gifts for Everyone

Since Valentine’s Day is close to Chinese New Year, we’ve found some awesome watches for both him and her. Whether you want a romantic gift or something practical, we’ve got you covered with watches that will make you smile.

So, get ready for Chinese New Year excitement! The next BTLuxe magazine has cool stories, travels, designs, and fashion to make your festive season full of joy, style, and interesting traditions. It’s like a special passport to a celebrating packed with fun and cultural awesomeness!